Helical parallel and planetary combination gearboxes

The combined gearboxes were created to offer new compact performance solutions for heavy duty industrial applications.

The compact size of planetary design and the high power capacity of helical gearboxes ensure the force needed in heavy industry applications. The keys to success of this range are complete customization and the service of our skilled technicians, which optimize the efficiency and timing of plant commissioning.


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  • Flange or shaft mounting
  • High transmissible torque and power
  • Hollow shaft with external shrink disk
  • Female splined hollow shaft
  • Compact design
  • Advanced level of customization
  • Suitable for Heavy Duty Uses
  • High strength to dynamic loads
  • Ground planetary and helical gears

T2 max range ( 395000 ÷ 4300000 Nm ) Ratio range ( 90 ÷ 600 )

  • Wide range of reduction ratios
  • Coupling for electric motors with elastic joint at input
  • Foot Mounted
  • Reaction arm
  • Flanged output shaft
  • External cooling unit
  • Forced lubrication
  • Taconite protection for harsh and dusty environments


Reggiana Riduttori’s 50 years of engineering experience combined with constant updating on the latest innovations are the driving force behind solutions for agriculture, mining, recycling, marine, etc.

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