RR USA and TRANSTECNO USA are pleased to announce the combining of our two complementary brands to form the Power Transmissions Division of the Interpump Group in North America!

The Transtecno Group designs, produces, and markets a complete range of worm gearboxes, helical in-line gearboxes, helical bevel, helical parallel and AC or DC electric motors.  These products combined with RR Planetary gear reducers and wheels drives result in a complete line of power transmission solutions for our OEM’s and Authorized Distributors.

We are dedicated to providing our customers the same level of excellent service and unparalleled products they are accustomed to with our three strategic locations across North America.  Through our headquarters located in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, our west coast branch in Monroe, Washington, and RR Canada, located in Concord, Ontario we will continue to supply stocking for production and service parts, complete packaged assemblies, repair, design and engineering solutions.

Transtecno gearmotors are modular in design and feature a number of high-quality components, assembled to create various different combinations that can be used across different applications and industries.



Sugar Industry Equipment Solutions

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Car-WashTecno Equipment Solutions

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Planetary Reduction Gears Integrated With Worm Or Helical Bevel Gearboxes

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