Marine & Offshore

Power transmissions for the marine and offshore industry

With a long-established engineering background, Reggiana Riduttori is positioned as a global leader in the design and manufacture of power transmissions suited to the needs of the marine and offshore industries.

Our focus is always on the strength, long service and reliability of our gearboxes, which are used in various areas such as winches, deck cranes, hoists, off-shore platforms, material handling, thrusters and cargo loading/unloading.

The main features of Reggiana Riduttori’s gearboxes are:

  • Compact design
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Accessorized with negative parking / back stop brakes


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The W Series by Reggiana Riduttori is the range dedicated to winch application. Designed to withstand intense workloads, the W series is suitable for quick and easy maintenance...


The key players in marine thruster transmissions are our slewing gearboxes and, in some cases, our super-compact Plus series gearboxes...


We have designed several offshore cranes with different needs and planetary drive packages, customization of the main winch gearbox...


The 2000 series gearboxes are usually used for this application to drive lifting grippers and to rotate...


Reggiana Riduttori offers a combo for vertical winch application, in fact, our gearboxes can be used...


Reggiana Riduttori’s 50 years of engineering experience combined with constant updating on the latest innovations are the driving force behind solutions for agriculture, mining, recycling, marine, etc.