Reggiana Riduttori Innovation


Reggiana Riduttori Innovation

Flexibility brings innovation and design together around the world

Reggiana Riduttori’s uniqueness stems from its experience in the mobile industry, which has fostered an approach geared towards co-design and modularity.
Flexibility is the winning feature that allows us to offer customers product customization combined with the benefits of manufacturing processes in Industry 4.0.: care to details, speed and competitive price are the pillars of our market positioning.


Highest D&B Rating

We export our gearboxes to 45 countries around the world

Co-Design: experience and innovation match demands and ideas

Prototyping, carried out by working side by side with our customers, ensures the highest quality and a precise response to design requirements; the goal that has always driven our work is to respond to customers’ needs, beyond limits. This vision has enabled us to be ahead of the times, increasingly providing products that, by responding to requirements, have evolved into precursors of needs.

Every year we invest in improved production processes and 4.0 technology

Every year we invest in environment, safety and reducing environmental impact

Looking to the future with people at the centre

Tomorrow is the result of skills gathered from the past and passed on to the present.

At Reggiana Riduttori, we strongly believe in the value of people as a driver of change and innovation: it is from professionals that skills are created and maintained over time, it is from the team that a peaceful and positive environment is achieved.


Employees worldwide

We translate the value of human relationships into investment in resources:

  • In 2022, we inaugurated the RR Academy, an in-house space in Reggiana Riduttori completely dedicated to the on-going training of human resources.
  • In 2022, the company also began a major training in Lean Production and Kaizen.

Unlimited Quality.

Reggiana Riduttori’s history is written every day by what we do best.
Reggiana Riduttori Innovation


Flexibility brings innovation and design together around the world
Qualità & Laboratori

Quality & Laboratories

One value, one goal, one method: quality management system
Reggiana Riduttori Agenda sostenibilità Storia

Sustainability Agenda

Over these 50 years, Reggiana Riduttori has deployed projects, actions and ideas to meet the challenge of sustainability.