Mining Application: Inching Drive System On a Ball Mill

Settore minerario Sistema Inching drive MINING Application Reggiana Riduttori


Planetary gearbox of RR Plus series with specific features for inching drive system, which is used as an auxiliary system to the main drive for a large machine such as a ball mill. Its purpose is to turn the equipment at a speed slower than the normal operating speed — typically 1 to 2 rpm, although fractional rpms are also common — and to do so at high torque — typically 120 percent of the normal drive torque.

Our drives for mining and mineral process are designed to survive the toughest applications: guaranteed long lifetime, ATEX certified and equipped with custom made accessories on request.


Extra dust protection system
Dedicated seals
Back stop
Self cooling units
Temperature & vibration monitoring system available
Complete electric package available (EDRIVES)